The Challenge

In order to maintain shelf space, Softsoap body wash team need to present new variants to retailers.

The Outcome

On-time delivery to the market a new variant, that became one of the top sellers in the portfolio for many years.

The Full Story

In order to stay profitable, retailers are constantly examining their product offerings. Anything that is not delivering the highest level of profits is on the chopping block. It is a constant rotation. Each cycle, poor (or even average) performing products are removed, and new products are placed on the shelf.

The body wash category was no exception. Softsoap was among leaders in the category. Nevertheless, they needed to be fearless to protect their space on the shelf. At each review cycle, Softsoap would bring to retailers new variants as an option to replace the poorest performer within the portfolio. Of course, in cases where Softsoap was delivering, the new variants became an option to replace a competitive product and to gain additional space on the shelf.

New variants always held the promise of a higher level of profits. After all, why would anyone go through the trouble of developing a new product if it wasn't going to be great?

The Softsoap team had done extensive research into what their consumers want in a body wash. With years of experience, they also had a keen sense of what would appeal to retailers. The brief was simple - a refreshing body wash in blue.

Softsoap had other very successful body wash variants. The latest launches offered a more indulgent relaxing shower with more skin benefits. However, there had been some older, but profitable, variants that offered a refreshing morning shower. It was time for another launch in the latter group.

Blue was a color gap on the shelf. There were many white and creamy variants. Softsoap already offered red and orange variants. A cooler color option would jump off the shelf and it would attract the shoppers' eyes. Therefore, I set out to create a blue refreshing Softsoap body wash.

From concept to ship, I led the cross-functional team that developed Softsoap Citrus Splash & Berry Fusion. The product concept was based on category trends - superfoods were believed to be healthy and could provide skin benefits. The final concept was selected based on quantitative concept testing. Based on the concept, I briefed formulation development, fragrance development, and packaging development. The final product was validated with consumer tests.

The variant was successfully sold into retailers. This variant achieved the highest turns and shares within the brand portfolio. For years, it remains to be a best seller for the portfolio.

On the heels of the success of Softsoap Citrus Splash & Berry Fusion, I led the team to develop another cool refreshing variant on an accelerated timeline. Softsoap Acai Berry & Topical Waters was created and pitched at the next review cycle.





Client: softsoap

Category: corporate project

My Deliverables: Product concepts, formulation, fragrance, packaging color, packaging copy, packaging design, selling story