Jeannie Chan

Raising questions to uncover insights.

Turning ideas into business results.


Brand Management

Manage how the brand is perceived across all strategic touchpoints


Integrated Marketing

Design and execute integrated campaigns that deliver on marketing objectives


New Products

Conceptualize innovations based on consumer needs to drive business growth

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Market Analysis

Deep dive into the market dynamics to identify threats and opportunities

Jeannie has a sharp focus on the deliverables of each project and is a great collaborator due to her analytical and solution-oriented style.
— Matt Soto, Givaudan
Jeannie Chan

A Little About Me...

I get started every morning with a big cup of coffee. But it is my curiosity that drives me. Drives me to raise questions that no one have asked. These questions help me uncovering answers, sometimes hidden in plain sight. These answers turn ideas into actions. These actions, flawlessly executed, ultimately deliver measurable business results.

Forever curious, I consider myself a lifetime learner. I am sometimes a writer. But I am always a foodie and an aspiring globetrotter. I am fortunate enough to live in New York City, and I can have a small taste of every part of the world just by visiting different neighborhoods every day.


A few brands I've touched...

Her unending quest for knowledge differentiates her from many professionals I know.
— Tommy Cheng, Colgate-Palmolive